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Dana TM4's innovative high power density inverter can be mounted in a space where no other manufacturer’s part would fit and provide amazing motor power for an new high performance electric motorcycle, customizing the inverter to meet our needs.

Dean Pryce, Director Powertrain Engineering at Zero Motorcycle

Our value proposition

Cost-effective motors and inverters

Dana TM4 can supply low- to high-voltage motors and inverters optimized for:

  • Motorcycles
  • 3-wheelers
  • FUV and more

Power-dense solutions

Our low-voltage inverters have the best power density in the market thanks to our in-house patented DBC MOSFET power modules.



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Low-voltage motors ranging from 24V-144V and 2 kW to 70 kW.

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Zero Motorcycle

Dana TM4 supplies its Tautronic low-voltage inverter to Zero Motorcycle.


Dana TM4 supplies its Tautronic and SRIPM motors to Arcimoto for their FUV Evergreen.