PEPS manufacturing 2017


Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems - SUMO electric motor manufacturing

This video shows the manufacturing process of TM4's electric motor and inverters at Dana Electric Motor Co. Ltd (DEMCO, previously Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems). DEMCO manufactures and markets electric powertrain systems, particularly for buses and trucks.

*Outdated* Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems - Electric Motor Manufacturing

*Oudated* This video shows the manufacturing process of Dana TM4's electric motor and inverters at its Chinese Joint Venture, Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS). Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies, PEPS develops, manufactures and markets hybrid and electric motor systems for the Chinese market.

Dana TM4 electric powertrain technologies for buses and commercial vehicles

This video showcase TM4's products for buses and trucks electrification and hybridization, such as electric motors / generators, motor controllers / inverters units and vehicle controllers.

Electric Boat technologies by Dana TM4 and LTS Marine

With a strong partnership with boat integrators LTS Marine, TM4 combines its state-of-the-art technologies with knowledge of the boating world to offer an array of integrated solutions for various types of boats.