Introducing the Dana TM4 BCI20 Bi-directional Charger Inverter

The TM4 BCI20 is an innovative bi-directional charger inverter that functions as battery charger and inverter for use in a variety of electric and hybrid vehicle applications. It is designed to use the full current range from the AC mains as defined in SAE J1772 for a maximum charge power of 18kW on 240 VAC

Introduction to TM4 CO150 inverter

TM4 is offering its  TM4 CO150 traction inverter as part of its MOTIVE electric and hybrid powertrain systems, but it has also been adapted to many third-party motors and generators. Used in several automotive, commercial vehicle and motorsport applications, the TM4 CO150 is a versatile and very powerful motor controller with an unmatched current density.

Get more torque with the new SUMO MD

TM4 introduces three new TM4 SUMO MD powertrain models that offer an increase of up to 45% in torque and speed, thanks to a new technological advancement.