Specialty Electric

Our value proposition

Cost-effective motors and inverters

Dana TM4 can supply low- to high-voltage motors and inverters optimized for:

  • Motorcycles
  • 3-wheelers
  • FUV and more

Power-dense solutions

Our low-voltage inverters have the best power density in the market thanks to our in-house patented DBC MOSFET power modules.

Related products

Tautronic inverter

36V-48V / 80V-100V / 120V-144V, ​ 250A – 750A, ​ Asynchronous and Synchronous motor control

Smartmotion inverters

24V, 36V-48V, 72V-80V, ​ 75A – 750A​, Asynchronous motor control

Low-voltage motors

Low-voltage motors ranging from 24V-144V and 2 kW to 70 kW.

OpenECU embedded controllers

OpenECU products enable reliable, efficient and fast embedded controls development and is a cost-effective solution for low to medium volume production applications.