Mining vehicles

Benefits for vehicle manufacturers

Tailor-made powertrains for off road applications

  • Hybrid solutions
  • All-electric solutions

Cost-efficient electric powertrains

Proven technologies allowing simple integration, high efficiency and lower maintenance cost, available at mass production prices.

Multiple configurations

Some of the TM4 SUMOTM systems are designed to interface directly with differentials, gearboxes, and e-axles, resulting in:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Better reliability
  • Easier integration: rapid time to market
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower operating costs


MEDATECH: Altdrive systems

TM4 SUMO are featured in Medatech ALTDRIVE systems, designed to provide turnkey electrification solutions to Heavy Equipment such as Haul Trucks, Graders, etc. Adaptive to commercial and OH application, it provides cost-effective zero-emission drivetrain alternatives to vehicle OEMs.

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