Commercial Vehicles

Our value proposition

Tailor-made bus and trucks solutions

Dana TM4 can supply both traction and auxiliary solutions optimized for medium-and heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles such as:

  • 6-18 meter buses
  • Delivery trucks
  • Municipal fleet work trucks
  • Shuttles and more

System supplier

To be a system supplier doesn’t only mean supplying motors and controllers, but supplying the system that optimize the application in terms of efficiency, performance and cost. The Dana TM4 Sales and Application Engineering team works in close partnership customers to develop the vehicle design on all aspects relating to the powertrain. Starting from the target performance of the vehicle, using proprietary software for motion simulation, Dana TM4 is the expert that will help you select the right components of the powertrain and harmonize the overall project.

Direct-drive configuration allows for:

  • High efficiency, therefore reducing the need for battery capacity
  • Easy integration between the H beam of the truck or in the engine bay of the city bus
  • Lower maintenance
  • Faster ROI

« With their superior efficiency, performance, competitive price and maintenance-free lifecycle, the TM4 SUMOTM powertrains are enabling our customers to get a faster ROI. »

Burak Onur, Technology Manager at TEMSA Global.


Depending on the vehicle type, we recommend various configurations and solutions:

Vehicle type


Dana solution

City Buses, School Bus and Intercity



Class 4




Class 5



Class 6




Class 7



Class 8


18 to <28TDirect-drive 


BMC: Neocity Electric

Dana TM4 works with commercial vehicle manufacturer BMC for its new full electric Neocity bus. This 8,5m low floor EV bus features a TM4 SUMO MD electric powertrain system. This platform can accommodate up to 72 passengers and has a range up to 275km on highway, 210km in city traffic.


EDI, whose expertise is in the development of drivetrains for hybrid and full electric commercial vehicles, has been working with Dana TM4's reliable motors for several years to meet their needs in terms of traction for a wide range of vehicles, from trucks to shuttles and buses.


Dana TM4 collaborates with EMOSS for their EMS series of electric trucks. These trucks deliver an uncompromising performance and driving comfort, combined with an unmatched efficiency. Over 50 EMOSS trucks are now on the road using TM4 SUMO systems.

FOTON: Harmony, Bafangda

Dana TM4 powertrains are widely used in China under the name DEMCO. As an example, Foton’s 18m Harmony City BJ6180 buses uses a TM4 SUMO HD powertrain, and Foton’s 12m Bafangda buses a TM4 SUMO MD powertrain.

GINAF: E-Series

Dana TM4 has collaborated with GINAF for its E-series distribution trucks specifically aimed at urban delivery. Using TM4 SUMO systems, these trucks are driving an average of 60kms per day as part of Heineken’s fleet electrification plan.

KARSAN: Atak Electric

The electrified bus is based on the Karsan ATAK eight-meter low-entry bus platform and is equipped with a TM4 SUMO MD electric motor and inverter. This system is composed of a high-torque, PMVR direct drive motor and automotive-grade power electronics.

LION buses: eLion

The eLion is an all-electric school bus equipped with a TM4 SUMO MD electric powertrain, a TM4 NEURO vehicle controller and a TM4 BCI20 charger. More than 150 buses now run in Canada and USA.

MAN: Electric Semi-trailer Truck

Dana TM4 collaborated with MAN bus & trucks for its test fleet of over 10 electrified City-Trucks vehicles in 2017. Designed for city center deliveries, these trucks used a TM4 SUMO electric powertrain, which delivered 2,700 Nm of torque to the rear axle directly via a propshaft.


MOTIV’s All-Electric Powertrain integrates a TM4 SUMO motor and inverter system. It offers an innovative architecture that is scalable and modular, which allows to use the same core components in vehicles ranging from a Type A School Bus to a Class 8 Refuse Truck.


The 100% electric Nova LFSe based on the proven heavy-duty LFS platform integrates a TM4 SUMO HD electric powertrain. It offers an unparalleled driving and riding experience, significant reduction in noise level, zero emissions and a continuous operational range with dedicated infrastructure.

PUROLATOR: Delivery Trucks

Dana TM4, in collaboration with Purolator, Mcgill, Cummins, Linamar and Infolytica, have been working on the development of an optimized electric drivetrain for medium-sized trucks using TM4 SUMO systems.

SEA Electric-EV10
SEA Electric: EV10, EV14

Dana TM4 has supplied its TM4 SUMO MD systems to Australian automotive technology company SEA Electric for the SEA EV10 and SEA EV14 truck platforms. These medium-duty trucks have a range of up to 180km and can accelerate from 0-50km/h in 6 seconds.

TEMSA: Avenue Electron

TEMSA's 12-meters bus is equipped with TM4 SUMO electric powertrain. With a range of 400 km on a single charge, this new bus platform will offer public transit operators a versatile option for the electrification of their fleet while minimizing infrastructure costs.


The TEMSA MD9 ElectriCITY bus is equipped with TM4 SUMO electric powertrain, comprised of a high-torque direct-drive motor and automotive-grade power electronics. This 9-meter bus can carry up to 63 passengers and can travel up to 230 km on a single charge with its 200 kWh battery pack.


THOR trucks has been working with Dana TM4 for their wide spectrum of solutions. The ET-One truck combines TM4 SUMO powertrain systems with options reaching from 300 to 700 HP, full torque starting at 0 RPM, a load capacity of 80,000 pounds and up to 300 miles of range.

URSUS BUS: Ekovolt, City Smile

The URSUS BUS Ekovolt and City Smile electric buses are equipped with TM4 SUMO HD electric powertrain systems, whose high efficiency gives the vehicles good driving parameters. These low-floor all-electric buses are perfectly adapted to their urban environment.


The Workhorse E-GEN chassis uses a 200 kW TM4 SUMO MD powertrain. UPS ordered more than 345 of these chassis as part of its broader Rolling Laboratory program to deploy electric-powered vehicles with greater range and performance.

Chinese bus OEMs

Dana TM4 have been working with multiple Chinese bus OEMs over the years including Higer, Nanjing King Long, Yaxing, and many more. Dana TM4 delivered over than 8500 systems in China for bus platforms ranging from 8 to 18 meters.