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all vehicles types

The Challenge

Electrification and hybridization of vehicles is driven by:

  • CO2 and Green-House-Gas (GHG) regulations
  • Government policies
  • The need to achieve fuel efficiency improvement
  • The desire to improve urban quality of life
  • The need to move away from oil dependency

Benefits for vehicle manufacturers

Tailor-made solutions

Dana TM4  electric motors, inverters and control systems are optimized for a range of electric and hybrid vehicle applications:

  • Light vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Buses and trucks
    • Utility vehicles
  • Off-highway vehicles
    • Aerial work platforms
    • Material handling and ground support equipment
    • Construction equipment
    • Agriculture equipment

System supplier

To be a system supplier doesn’t mean only supplying motors and controllers, but supplying the right motor and the right controller that optimize the application in terms of efficiency, performance and cost. The Dana TM4 Sales and Application Engineering team works in close partnership with the customer to develop the vehicle design on all aspects relating to the power train. Starting from the target performance of the vehicle, using proprietary software for motion simulation, Dana TM4 is the expert that will help you to select the right components of the power train and harmonize the overall project.

Cost-efficient electric powertrains

Proven technologies allowing simple integration, high efficiency and lower maintenance cost, available at mass production prices.