Vehicle development services

Dana TM4 has years of experience in working with various hybrid and electric vehicles architectures (Series hybrid, parallel hybrid, PHEV, Fuel Cell, full electric).

Our skilled and experienced team is capable of providing vehicle development services from early conceptualization to vehicle commissioning and support.

Pre-development and development

Dana TM4 can provide:

  • Vehicle simulations to facilitate product selection.
  • Third-party component selection to accelerate the development process.
  • Vehicle integration design.
  • Architecture design review and validation by our skilled mechanical engineering team.
  • Product adaptation and customization according to customer needs.


Dana TM4 customer support team can provide complete onsite integration support: expertise for start-up, vehicle configuration, system software analysis and customization. Save time and money by involving Dana TM4 in the early stages of your integration process.

We can:

  • Ensure that Dana TM4 products function correctly in the vehicle
  • Verify connectivity
  • Configure parameters according to customer requirements
  • Configure parameters for auxiliary components
  • Perform debugging


In the field

  • On site after-sales engineering
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Maintenance information
  • Regular product updates

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