We adapt

Inverter coupling

For our customers who want to use a TM4 CO150 inverter to power and control an engine from another manufacturer, we offer engine characterization, if the information is not already available from the manufacturer. Our expertise of over 15 years in software control guarantees the customer a reliable and rapidly available system and enables us to develop tools with much greater precision than the most frequently used methods.

Furthermore, to optimize the performance of the system in all conditions, we offer our customers the possibility of adjusting the inverter software control. This system coupling allows the engine to use the maximum possible current.

VMU software development

We offer TM4 NEUROTM VMU software development services to our TM4 MOTIVETM and TM4 SUMOTM electric traction system customers looking for a fully-compatible vehicle management system optimized for operation in conjunction with other Dana TM4 products. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of adapting the TM4 NEURO to your project.