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«To our knowledge, no other unit on the market offers so many features, such power density, quality and ease of integration at such a competitive cost.»

Bruno Pilon, Director of engineering at The Lion Electric Co.


  • 2 operating modes
    • Charger mode
    • Inverter mode
  • Single phase AC Input (120/208/240 VAC )
  • Up to 18 kW power on 240 VAC
  • >92% efficiency
  • 2 independent 9kVA 3-phase inverter output
  • SAE J1772 compliant
  • Compact & lightweight
  • High power factor (PFC)
  • fully isolated
  • CAN-controlled (J1939)
  • 2 high-side + 1 low-side CAN driven general purpose outputs
  • Fast charger communication interface (PLC) available upon request
  • 2 x CAN 2.0b ports up to 1Mbps (J1939 control/diagnostic)


Environmental features

  • Coolant temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Cooling system: 40% water / 60% glycol
  • Shock & vibration standards: GMW3172 sprung masses


  • Standards : FCC part 15, CISPR25, ISO11452-4, ISO7637-2/-3, ISO16750-2, IEC 61000-6-1, ISO 10605, 2004/104/EC, IEC 61851-21, IEC61851-1
  • EVSE compatibility: SAE J1772
  • Insulation
    • AC to chassis: 1500 VAC
    • DC to chassis: 2600 VAC
    • AC to DC: 1900 VAC or 2600 VAC

Charger mode

450 Vdc
AC input
Operational voltage range96-276 Vac
Max current80 Arms
Power factor>99%
DC output
Ouput power15 kW @208 Vac, 18 kW @240 Vac
Operational voltage range200-450 Vdc
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Inverter mode

450 Vdc
AC output
Line-Line voltage (3 phase)10 to 240 Vrms
Number of outputs2 (independent)
Power9 kVA per output
Frequency1 to 500 Hz
Max current27 Arms
DC input
Operational voltage range200-450 Vdc
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