TM4 TAUTM software

Easy tuning and inverter setup

Software that puts you in the driving seat

In 40 year history, Dana TM4 has succesfully developed a wide range of electric drive sytems, both for the on-highway and off-highway markets, tailored to the needs of our customers.

40 years of experience in control algorithms culminate in TM4 TAU software, available with these key design features:


  • Powerful: all features are offered as standard
  • Flexible: virtually everything can be changed with one click
  • Easy: friendly, intuitive, graphical tuning & helpful troubleshooting
  • Quick: first run of a wired vehicles made in minutes
  • Safe: triple runtime self diagnostics: on whole configuration, on hardware and on firmware
  • Storable: with clone file technology upload/download/modify configuration with one click
  • Secure: only authenticated users can access the controller
  • Upgradable: new releases are guaranteed to be fully backward compatible

Graphical user interface

  • Available in three different Access Levels: OEM (first manufacturer), Dealer and User
  • Easy and fully flexible assignments of Controller’s I/O and configuration of the provided functions
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring and Logging
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics are quick and easy
  • Possibility to configure your application without being phisically connected to an inverter
  • Context-sentitive help provided by the interactive documentation


  • The Controller behaviour is safe in every allowed configuration
  • Supported configuration: Single Traction, Single pump, Dual traction, Traction&Pump and Dual Traction over CAN
  • A cutting edge algorithm for IM, IPM, SPM, SR, SRIPM AC Motor Control and BLDC DC Motor Control in torque and speed mode
  • Accurate state of Charge algorithm for Lead-Acid batteries and support of BMS (battery management system) for Li-Ion batteries
  • With TAU Generic Slave, it is possible to fully command and monitor the Controller over CAN

Currently available in two standard families

TM4 TAU System for Stand-alone applications

It can be configured to manage a remarkable number of different applications: Counterbalanced Single/Twin Drive Lift Trucks, OrderPicking Trucks, Stackers, Reach trucks, Cleaning Machines, Scissors and Aerial Lifts, Scooters and Karts, Motorbykes, Golf and Small City Cars, Lawn Mower Machines, Tractors and Tow Tractors, Hydraulic Pump Systems, Air Compressors, Fans Drive Sytems, etc..

TM4 TAU Generic Slave for Master/Slave applications

It can be commanded via CAN (typically via a VCU) with the maximum flexibility in applications where the only limit is the creativity of the customer. The appropriate use of these applications are the customers’ responsibilities. However, important Safety functions like Emergency Stop, Safe Stop, Speed Limitations and Safe Brake are implemented as standard.

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