TM4 TAUTM software

Easy tuning and inverter setup

Software that puts you in the driving seat

In 40 year history, Dana TM4 has succesfully developed a wide range of electric drive sytems, both for the on-highway and off-highway markets, tailored to the needs of our customers.

40 years of experience in control algorithms culminate in TM4 TAU software, available with these key design features:


  • Powerful: all features are offered as standard
  • Flexible: virtually everything can be changed with one click
  • Easy: friendly, intuitive, graphical tuning & helpful troubleshooting
  • Quick: first run of a wired vehicles made in minutes
  • Safe: triple runtime self diagnostics: on whole configuration, on hardware and on firmware
  • Storable: with clone file technology upload/download/modify configuration with one click
  • Secure: only authenticated users can access the controller
  • Upgradable: new releases are guaranteed to be fully backward compatible

Graphical user interface

  • Available in three different Access Levels: OEM (first manufacturer), Dealer and User
  • Easy and fully flexible assignments of Controller’s I/O and configuration of the provided functions
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring and Logging
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics are quick and easy
  • Possibility to configure your application without being phisically connected to an inverter
  • Context-sentitive help provided by the interactive documentation


  • The Controller behaviour is safe in every allowed configuration
  • Supported configuration: Single Traction, Single pump, Dual traction, Traction&Pump and Dual Traction over CAN
  • A cutting edge algorithm for IM, IPM, SPM, SR, SRIPM AC Motor Control and BLDC DC Motor Control in torque and speed mode
  • Accurate state of Charge algorithm for Lead-Acid batteries and support of BMS (battery management system) for Li-Ion batteries
  • With TAU Generic Slave, it is possible to fully command and monitor the Controller over CAN