Pushing boundaries

This series consists of multiple high torque/low speed direct drive motor and inverter combinations that offer cost-effective solutions to vehicle electrification.

The TM4 SUMO MD systems are designed to interface with standard rear differentials without the need for an intermediate gearbox. It makes this series perfect for class 2 to 6 commercial vehicles and light to medium bus platforms.

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“Dana TM4 powertrain systems have demonstrated excellent performance, efficiency and reliability in our vehicles on the road.”

Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse Group

Motor features

  • Reluctance-assisted permanent magnet
  • Outer rotor topology for maximum torque density
  • High torque and power density
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • Low-cogging and ripple torque for better NVH
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Double-ended shaft option
  • Thermal protection


Matching inverter

  • Medium (<450 Vdc) or high (<750 Vdc) voltage inverter
  • Variable switching frequency
  • High efficiency
  • EMI filter
  • Best-in-class power density

Performance curves

A range of solutions

MD HV1500-3PMD HV1800-3PMD HV2200-3PMD MV2500-6PMD HV3000-6PMD HV2400-6PMD HV2100-6PMD HV2200-6PMD HV2600-6P
Peak power (kW)162170215230235240250255265
Continuous power (kW)100100145115145120130190155
Operating speed (RPM)0-32500-32500-27000-30000-30000-35000-35000-37000-3500
Continuous torque (NM)680680127511401055605685990970
Peak torque (NM)159017752430250031002300215023552760
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Need help selecting the right powertrain ?

Dana TM4’s application engineering team can support you with powerful simulation tools that,
based on the vehicle target requirement, define the perfect motor choice
for the best results in terms of power, efficiency, size and cost.


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