Heavily efficient

The TM4 SUMO HD is an electric powertrain system designed to interface with standard rear differentials without the need for an intermediate gearbox.

Its direct drive / gearless approach makes it the perfect match for any heavy-duty platforms and commercial vehicles applications.

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Motor features

  • High-voltage permanent magnet motors
  • High torque and power density
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • Low-cogging and ripple torque for better NVH
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Thermal protection


Inverter features

  • 9-phase inverter
  • Variable switching frequency
  • High efficiency
  • EMI filter
  • Best-in-class power density

The direct-drive advantage

TM4 SUMO high torque motors can interface directly with standard rear differential without the need for an intermediate gearbox.

A direct drive system allows for the following benefits:

  • High reliability: removing the gearbox means removing the most mechanically complex and maintenance intensive part of the vehicle
  • Easy to fit between the H beam of the truck or in the engine bay of the city bus: no need to modify the vehicle architecture
  • Low maintenance: Dana TM4 direct-drive motors require no maintenance
  • Fast ROI



  • System protection:  IP 6K9K
  • Max coolant temperature: 65°C
  • Coolant type: 40/60 water-glycol
  • Toxic materials and flammability: ROHS, ELV, UL94-V0
  • External corrosion resistance: Salt spray, gravel, chemical products

Software features

  • Sinusoidal motor current
  • Temperature sensing for system derating and alarms
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities (TM4 ODIN)
  • Communication fault detection
  • CAN 2.0b communication interface
  • Torque or speed control
  • DC voltage control available upon request
  • Advanced control algorithm for optimal system power and efficiency


motor: 340 kg
inverter:  36 kg

motor: 505 x 572 x 505 mm
inverter:  414 x 125 x 801 mm

Performance curves

Technical specifications

Peak power (kW)250370250
Continuous power (kW)195260210
Operating speed (RPM)0-24500-34000-2450
Continuous torque (NM)206019702090
Peak torque (NM)340034454000
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Optimized for Commercial Vehicles