Motor and inverter systems

Built to last

Dana TM4 offers high-voltage motor and inverter systems featuring permanent magnet electric motors, power-dense electronic inverters, and advanced controls that enable electric vehicles to meet the highest standards for efficiency, reliability, and performance.

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«With their superior efficiency, performance, competitive price and maintenance-free lifecycle, Dana TM4 e-powertrains are enabling our customers to get a faster ROI. »

Burak Onur, Technology Manager at TEMSA Global.

High-voltage systems features

  • High-voltage, reluctance-assisted permanent magnet motors with 3-phase, 6-phase or 9-phase matching inverters
  • High torque and power density
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • Low-cogging and ripple torque for better NVH
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Double-ended shaft option
  • Thermal protection

Integration into e-Axles, e-Drive Systems and e-Hubs

Dana TM4 motor and inverter systems are available in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased individually or integrated seamlessly with Dana’s e-Axles, gearboxes and hubs.