CO150 traction inverter


Dana TM4 offers its CO150 traction inverter as part of its TM4 MOTIVETM  and TM4 SUMOTM electric and hybrid powertrain systems, but it has also been adapted to many third-party motors and generators. Used in several automotive, commercial vehicle and motorsport applications, the CO150 is a versatile and very powerful motor controller with an unmatched current density.

Inverter features

  • High power and current density
  • Uses TM4 Reflex gate driver technology
  • Multiple resolver/encoder compatibility
  • New plug and play POC connectors
  • Voltage capability up to 800 Vdc 
  • Robust signal connectors / cable
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • High efficiency
  • Variable switching frequency
  • Current and voltage measurements on HVIL
  • Compatible with brushless resolvers (Tamagawa, LTN and others)

Software features

  • Sinusoidal motor current
  • Temperature sensing for system derating and alarms
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities (TM4 ODIN)
  • Communication fault detection
  • CAN 2.0b communication interface
  • Torque or speed control
  • Advanced control algorithm for optimal power module usage and efficiency

Third-party motor adaptation

For our customers who want to use a TM4 CO150 inverter to power and control the engine from another manufacturer, we offer to characterize the engine, if the information is not already available from the manufacturer. Our expertise  in software control guarantees the customer a reliable and rapidly available system and enables us to develop tools with much greater precision than the most frequently used methods.

Furthermore, to optimize the performance of the system in all conditions, we offer our customers the possibility of adjusting the inverter software control. Thus, the result of this system coupling  allows the engine to use the maximum possible current.


  • System protection:  IP 6K9K
  • Max coolant temperature: 65°C
  • Coolant type: 40/60 water-glycol
  • Toxic materials and flammability: ROHS, ELV, UL94-V0
  • External corrosion resistance: Salt spray, gravel, chemical products
  • Shock & vibration standards : GMW3172


There are two types of optional phase cable terminal boxes currently available, straight and down-angled:


11 kg

300 x 101 x 416 mm

Maximum electrical output power (kW)180200
Maximum output current (Arms)615425
Maximum blocked rotor current (Adc)650450
Maximum electrical frequency (Hz)1250750
Performance voltage (Vdc)320-450500-750