TM4 SmartmotionTM

40 years in the making

Equipped with the latest technology in power electronics, Smartmotion inverters can drive AC motors in a wide range of applications up to 80 kW peak power.

  • 24V, 36V-48V, 72V-80V 
  • 75A – 500A
  • Asynchronous motor control
  • Up to 50% higher power density than direct competitors
  • High efficiency and long life power stage – DBC (Direct Bonded Copper) patented MOSFET power module technology
  • Field Oriented Control algorithm optimized for asynchronous motors
  • Fully customizable I/O
  • Easy tuning with TM4 TAUTM Software

Optimal performance

Our in-house patented DBC MOSFET multilayer power modules allow for:

  • Very high power density allowing optimal compactness
  • High efficiency and long life power stage
  • Cost efficient system approach
  • High reliability

Inverter for AC Motors

Smartmotion inverters provide advanced control of AC induction motors for traction or pump functions of any electrical vehicle working with speed or torque control algorithms.


Mobile Machine Management

SmartMotion is an integrated inverter which can manage multi-function and fully configurable I/O pins for any I/O functions like digital & analogue inputs and outputs, capable of driving fans, relays’ and hydraulic valves’ coils, contactors, negative brakes and many others inductive/resistive loads.

Easy tuning

TM4 TAUTM Software is a friendly PC application for inverter setup.

Users develop applications with the TM4 TAU Software:
All features are offered as standard (“one fits all” philosophy). Virtually everything can be changed with one click in an intuitive graphical tuning environment called SmartView™.

With this software, a first run for a wired vehicle can be made in minutes.

Learn more on TM4 TAU software

Specified and tested for

  • Environmental temperature down to -40°C up to 55°C
  • IP65
  • Vibration up to 5 g
  • Shock up to 30 g


  • EN1175 for safety
  • EN12895 for Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Designed to meet the standard UL583
  • Compliant to automotive EMC standard EN12895


  • Forklift trucks
  • Aerial work platforms
  • 2 and 3 wheelers
  • Tow tractors
  • Delivery trucks
Nominal voltage (Vdc)24-4824-8036-80
Nominal current S2-2 min. (Arms)75-300350-500350-500
Continuous current (Arms)38-150175-250175-255
Weight (kg)
Size WxHxD (mm)140x180x57.7145x210x94.4300x210x94.4
Motor compatibilityAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronous
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