TM4 SchwarzmüllerTM

Rugged design for your daily use

  • 24V – 96V​
  • 40A – 1000A​
  • Asynchronous motor control​
  • Industrial or Automotive grade devices
  • Tested under harsh environmental conditions
  • Generous power reserves for a long lifetime
  • Flux vector control for easy motor setup and advanced drive performance with highest effiency.
  • Comprehensive interface concept with CAN port and multifunctional inputs/outputs for easy configuration of vehicle functions.
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostics with PLUS+1® Service Tool for cost-effective maintenance and system updates.
  • User-programmable with PLUS+1® GUIDE for easy system design and management.

Easy to configure

TM4 Schwarzmüller inverters is compatible with Danfoss’ PLUS+1® software.

PLUS+1® is an integrated family of hardware and software optimized to reduce mobile equipment OEMs control system cost and time to market by the use of a complete development chain including graphical programming tools to develop Application Software and Service Tool Applications.

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Specified/Tested for

  • Environmental temperature down to -40°C up to 50°C
  • Protection IP67, sealed until 1m water depth
  • Protected against condensation water
  • Vibration up to 7 g
  • Shock up to 50 g
  • Free fall up to 1 m (3 feet)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Electromagnetic sensibility up to 100 V/ms


  • EN 1175
  • EN 12895 [EMC, ESD]
  • EN 60068
  • IEC 60529: IPx7, IP6x
  • ISO 16750–5
  • UL583 listed
  • Homologation E-marking on demand


  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles (auxiliary functions)
  • Hybrids (traction & auxiliary)


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Nominal voltage (Vdc)24-4824-8024-482424-969680-96
Nominal current S2-2 min. (Arms)60-16080-240400400-500300-550400650-1000
Continuous current (Arms)40-8040-120200200-250150-275200325-500
Boost Current 10 sec. (Arms)65-18090-260420420-550330-600440715-1100
Heat sink typePlatePlate / FinsPlate / FinsPlate / FinsPlate / FinsPlatePlate / Fins
Size LxWxH (mm)165x140x70140x200x90/110140x200x100/120140x200x96/118150x225x100/120150x225x100280x280x100/141
Motor compatibilityAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronousAsynchronous
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*PLUS+1® is a registered trademark of Danfoss Power Solutions Inc.*