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TM4 TautronicTM

Voltage range: 36 to 144V
Compatible motor type: A/Synchronous
Type of software: TM4 TauTM

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TM4 SmartmotionTM

Voltage range: 24 to 80V
Compatible motor type: Asynchronous
Type of software: TM4 TauTM

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TM4 SchwarzmüllerTM

Voltage range: 24 to 96V
Compatible motor type: Asynchronous
Type of software: PLUS+1® 

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TM4 CO150

Voltage range: 320 to 800V
Compatible motor type: Synchronous
Type of software: TM4 ODIN

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"Dana TM4's innovative high power density inverter can be mounted in a space where no other manufacturer’s part would fit and provide amazing motor power for a new high performance electric motorcycle, customizing the inverter to meet our needs."

Dean Pryce, Director Powertrain Engineering at Zero Motorcycle

40 years in the making

Our inverters are equipped with the latest technology in power electronics, control & interface technology and motor control algorithm to give the best performance and efficiency out of the box.

40 years of experience culminate to offer our customers best-in-class products, software and services.

Optimal performance

Our low-voltage inverter series are equipped with our in-house patented DBC MOSFET multilayer power modules, allowing for:

  • Very high power density allowing optimal compactness
  • High efficiency and long life power stage
  • Cost efficient system approach
  • High reliability