SR 260 series


  • Synchronous Reluctance motors
  • Applicable for traction applications
  • Efficiency close to a Permanent Magnet motors – without magnets
  • Rugged as an AC Induction Motor with High Overload / Thermal Capacity
  • Near AC Induction Motor Speed & Torque Range / Max. Speed to Nom. Speed ratio of up to 4.
  • Negligible Cogging Torque
  • Superior speed & torque range / Max. speed to nom. speed ratio of up to 6.
  • Cost close to an ACIM motor
  • Integrated Sin/Cos encoder
  • Seamless integration with low-voltage inverter portfolio
SYR 260
Voltage (V)24-96
Peak power (kW)19-70
Continuous power (kW)12-35
Operating speed (RPM)0-6000
Peak torque (Nm)200-400
Continuous torque (Nm)100-170
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