SYR 200 series

Multiple configurations

Dana TM4 has for over 30 years provided high reliability and high efficiency motors for a wide range of low voltage applications. The SYR 200 Motors were the first low voltage motors launched in the market based on synchronous reluctance technology in 2016.

The latest range of SYR motors offer enhanced efficiency to a level close to PMAC motors, while maintaining the high thermal / overload capability of an ACIM motor, making the SYR motors the optimal choice for traction and pump applications in material handling applications or other applications with high-duty cycle requirements.

Synchronous reluctance motor features

  • Synchronous reluctance motor design
  • Applicable for traction, pump and other Applications
  • Efficiency close to a Permanent Magnet motors, without magnets
  • Up to 25% more Nom. Power in the footprint of same size ASY 200 motors
  • Rugged as an AC Induction Motor with High Overload / Thermal Capacity
  • Motor Speed & Torque Range similar to ACIM technology/ Max. Speed to Nom. Speed ratio of up to 4.
  • Negligible Cogging Torque
  • Cost close to an ACIM motor
  • Seamless integration with TM4 TauTronic™ Inverter product line.

Integration into e-Axles, e-Drive Systems and e-Hubs

Dana TM4 e-motors are available in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased individually or integrated seamlessly with Dana’s e-Axles, gearboxes and hubs.

Voltage (V)24-96
Peak power (kW)12-50
Continuous power (kW)6-20
Operating speed (RPM)0-6000
Peak torque (Nm)70-220
Continuous torque (Nm)75-80


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