SRI 300 series


  • SRI motor
  • Applicable for traction, pump and other applications for large machines
  • Efficiency of an IPM motor and versatility of an SR motor
  • Up to 30% more torque & up to 30% more nom. power output in the footprint of same size ASY 200 motors
  • > 60% more power & torque output in the field-weakening area
  • Close to ACIM or SR motor overload / thermal capacity with low loss design
  • Superior speed & torque range / Max. speed to nom. speed ratio of up to 6.
  • Insignificant cogging torque
  • Optimized cost / benefit ratio with small amount of magnet material used
  • Seamless integration with low-voltage inverter product lines.
  • Mechanical Interfaces for traction and pump available


SRI 300
Voltage (V)48-144
Peak power (kW)30-70
Continuous power (kW)20-60
Operating speed (RPM)0-6000
Peak torque (Nm)300-700
Continuous torque (Nm)130-250
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