SRI 200 series

Best of both worlds

Dana TM4 has for over 30 years provided high reliability and high efficiency motors for a wide range of low-voltage applications. In 2016, we were the first in the market to introduce low voltage SRIPM Motors. The SRIPM technology is a hybrid technology, where most of the Torque provided (typ. 70%+) comes from the SR part, while a small amount of magnets (IPM) provide the rest. This way it is possible to get the best of two worlds: The efficiency level of a PMAC motor combined with the ruggedness, and, to a large extent, the lower production cost of SR motors. All while offering a superior speed / torque range to any other low voltage motor technology.

SRI motors features

  • Synchronous Reluctance / IPM Motor “Hybrid Motor” design
  • Applicable for Traction, Pump and other Applications
  • Efficiency as an IPM motor and versatility of an SR motor
  • Up to 30% more Torque & up to 30% more Nom. Power Output in the footprint of same size ASY 200 motors
  • > 60% more Power & Torque Output in the field-weakening area
  • Close to ACIM or SR Motor Overload / Thermal Capacity
    with low loss design
  • Superior Speed & Torque Range / Max. Speed to Nom. Speed ratio of up to 6.
  • Insignificant cogging torque
  • Optimized Cost / Benefit ratio with small amount of magnet material used
  • Seamless integration with TM4 TauTronic™
    Inverter product line.

Integration into e-Axles, e-Drive Systems and e-Hubs

Dana TM4 e-motors are available in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased individually or integrated seamlessly with Dana’s e-Axles, gearboxes and hubs.

SRI 200
Voltage (V)48-144
Peak power (kW)14-70
Continuous power (kW)6-20
Operating speed (RPM)0-9000
Peak torque (Nm)100-250
Continuous torque (Nm)35-90