TM4 MOTIVE™ High-Voltage Motors

Power dense

The MOTIVE™ series are high-voltage, power-dense IPM motors enabling electric vehicles to meet the highest standards for efficiency, reliability, and performance. These motors are an efficient solution for electric and hybrid applications across a wide range of vehicle platforms.

Features and Benefits

Internal permament magnet (IPM) motors :

  • Multiple motor diameters available to meet various torque, speed, and packaging needs
  • Designed with hairpin stators for high-volume manufacturing
  • Scalable in length for increased modularity
  • Multiple rotor topologies to ensure application-optimized system efficiencies and NHV
  • Leveraging multiple cooling topologies (WEG, Oil, Hybrid) based on application needs
  • In-house, high-volume production facilities in North America and Europe
MOTIVE 4 OD Variants
Magnetic Diameter8.4 – 10 in. (214 – 255mm)
Voltage Range450 – 900 V
Peak Power (kW)180 – 400
Cont. Power (kW)115 – 310
Peak Torque (Nm)380 – 730
Cont. Torque (Nm)166 – 500
Speed Range10,000 – 18,000 RPM