ASY 120 series

A reliable solution

Dana TM4’s has for over 30 years provided high reliability and high efficiency low power AC Induction Motors for a wide range of applications in Material Handling, Construction Machines, Aerial Work Platforms, Commercial Vehicles and other applications.

Motors are designed with the most advanced FEM simulation tools and made with the highest quality materials. Furthermore, the embedded  Incremental Speed Sensors provide for a optimal performance across the entire speed and torque range.


  • Rugged AC Induction Motor design
  • Designed for Traction or Steering applications
  • High Overload / Thermal Capacity
  • Wide Speed Range / Max. Speed to Nom. Speed ratio of up to 4
  • 2nd Shaft for mounting of mechanical brake
  • Seamless integration with low-voltage inverter portfolio

Integration into e-Axles, e-Drive Systems and e-Hubs

Dana TM4 e-motors are available in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased individually or integrated seamlessly with Dana’s e-Axles, gearboxes and hubs.

ASY 120
Voltage (V)24-48
Peak power (kW)2-4
Continuous power (kW)1-2
Operating speed (RPM)0-5000
Peak torque (Nm)5-30
Continuous torque (Nm)5-10