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IPM 200

Motor only
Peak power : 5-40 kW
Max torque : 30-95 Nm
Speed: 0-6750 rpm

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Motor only
Peak power : 205 kW
Max torque : 275 Nm
Speed: 0-15000 rpm

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IPM 120

Motor only
Peak power : 3-16 kW
Max torque : 20-30 Nm
Speed: 0-5400 rpm

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ASY 120

Motor only
Peak power : 2-4 kW
Max torque : 20-30 Nm
Speed: 0-5000 rpm

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ASY 200

Motor only
Peak power : up to 50 kW
Max torque : 30-200 Nm
Speed: 0-7500 rpm

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SYR 200

Motor only
Peak power : up to 50 kW
Max torque : up to 200 Nm
Speed: 0-6000 rpm

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SYR 260

Motor only
Peak power : 19-70 kW
Max torque : 200-400 Nm
Speed: 0-6000 rpm

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SRI 200

Motor only
Peak power : up to 70 kW
Max torque : up to 250 Nm
Speed: 0-10000 rpm

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SRI 300

Motor only
Peak power : 30-70 kW
Max torque : 300-700 Nm
Speed: 0-7500 rpm

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Motors features

  • Low- to high-voltage, induction, IPM, SR and SRIPM motors
  • Can be easily adapted to our inverter lines
  • Technological and smart solution for the increasing demand for high efficiency and cost reduction
  • Great low-end torque and top-end speed
  • Highly flexible: our application engineering team can support the customer with powerful simulation tools that, based on the vehicle target requirement, define the perfect motor size and winding configuration for the best results in terms of power, efficiency, size and cost.


Integration into e-Axles, e-Drive Systems and e-Hubs

Dana TM4 e-motors are available in a variety of configurations. They can be purchased individually or integrated seamlessly with Dana’s e-Axles, gearboxes and hubs.