CO150 auxiliary inverter

Inverter features

  • High power and current density
  • Uses TM4 ReflexTM gate driver technology
  • Configurable voltage and frequency 3-phase output
  • High efficiency
  • Uses proven CO150 motor controller platform


Software features

  • Temperature sensing for system protection
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities (TM4 ODIN)
  • Switching fault detection
  • Client-configurable parameters
    • AC V/f ratio
    • AC current limit
    • DC voltage limits
    • Load parameters
  • Dynamic control over CAN
    • Soft start/stop
    • AC frequency (open loop speed control of AC motors)
    • Field rotation direction
Continuous electrical output power (kVA)116
Continuous output current (Arms)0-200
Operating battery voltage (Vdc)300-750
Output frequency (Hz)0-500
Auxiliary supply voltage (nominal) (Vdc)12-24
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