Redefining charging solutions


The TM4 BCI20 is an innovative bi-directional charger inverter that functions as battery charger and inverter for use in a variety of electric and hybrid vehicle applications. It is designed to use the full current range from the AC mains as defined in SAE J1772 for a maximum charge power of 18kW on 240 VAC. When the vehicle is in use, the charger becomes an autonomous inverter that can provide two independent three phase outputs to power various auxiliary loads.

«To our knowledge, no other unit on the market offers so many features, such power density, quality and ease of integration at such a competitive cost. »

Bruno Pilon, Director of engineering at The Lion Electric Co.


  • 2 operating modes
    • Charger mode
    • Inverter mode
  • Single phase AC Input (120/208/240 VAC )
  • Up to 18 kW power on 240 VAC
  • >92% efficiency
  • 2 independent 9kVA 3-phase inverter output
  • SAE J1772 compliant
  • Compact & lightweight
  • High power factor (PFC)
  • fully isolated
  • CAN-controlled (J1939)
  • 2 high-side + 1 low-side CAN driven general purpose outputs
  • Fast charger communication interface (PLC) available upon request
  • 2 x CAN 2.0b ports up to 1Mbps (J1939 control/diagnostic)


Environmental features

  • Coolant temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Cooling system: 40% water / 60% glycol
  • Shock & vibration standards: GMW3172 sprung masses


  • Standards : FCC part 15, CISPR25, ISO11452-4, ISO7637-2/-3, ISO16750-2, IEC 61000-6-1, ISO 10605, 2004/104/EC, IEC 61851-21, IEC61851-1
  • EVSE compatibility: SAE J1772
  • Insulation
    • AC to chassis: 1500 VAC
    • DC to chassis: 2600 VAC
    • AC to DC: 1900 VAC or 2600 VAC

Charger mode

450 Vdc
AC input
Operational voltage range96-276 Vac
Max current80 Arms
Power factor>99%
DC output
Output power15 kW @208 Vac, 18 kW @240 Vac
Operational voltage range200-450 Vdc

Inverter mode

450 Vdc
AC output
Line-Line voltage (3 phase)10 to 240 Vrms
Number of outputs2 (independent)
Power9 kvA per output
Frequency1 to 500 Hz
Max current27 Arms
DC input
Operational voltage range200-450 Vdc