TM4 Powers TEMSA’s new MD9 Electric Bus Platform


TM4 Powers TEMSA’s new MD9 Electric Bus Platform

April 18, 2016

(Istanbul, Turkey) – TEMSA Global, a leading Turkish coach, bus and light truck manufacturer, has unveiled a new platform of electric bus prior to the Busworld Istanbul 2016. The 9-meters TEMSA MD9 ElectriCITY bus is equipped with TM4’s SUMOTM electric powertrain, comprising of a high-torque direct drive motor and automotive-grade power electronics. According to road tests, the EV bus performs better than its  diesel counterpart. Without the transmission, the high acceleration is smooth, silent and efficient.

TM4 has been working closely with TEMSA and its partners in the development of this platform. « The TEMSA brand is a respected and admired name amongst Turkish vehicles manufacturers and key European markets. TM4 is pleased to have developed a very close relationship with TEMSA’s talented development team and look forward to the deployment of their EV platform.» , said TM4’s Sales and Customer Service Director, Eric Azeroual.

TEMSA MD9 Electricity

Already powering thousands of electric buses worldwide, TM4’s technologies have proven their quality, reliability and their cost effectiveness. Developed for performance and durability, the SUMOTM systems are optimized for medium-and heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles such as 6-18 meter buses, delivery trucks, shuttles, tow tractors and more. « When evaluating the perfect drivetrain solution for TEMSA’s electric bus platforms, our simulations showed that with their superior efficiency, performance, competitive price and maintenance-free lifecycle, the SUMO powertrains were enabling our customers to get a faster ROI. » said Burak Onur, Technology Manager at TEMSA Global.

The MD9 electriCITY will be operating in Adana starting June 2016. This 9 meter bus can carry up to 63 passengers and thanks to its 200 kWh battery pack, it can travel up to 230 km on a single charge. The demand, both in Turkey and Europe, for clean, alternative energy vehicles means that other cities could soon be adding TEMSA’s electric buses to their fleets.


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TEMSA Global is a coach, bus and light truck manufacturer located in Adana, Turkey. The company is part of the Sabancı Group, a large Turkish industrial and commercial conglomerate. For more information, visit