TM4 joint venture, Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems launches production at its Chinese facility


TM4 joint venture, Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems launches production at its Chinese facility

November 24, 2014

(Boucherville, QC) Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems (PEPS) has officially launched production at its new factory in Beijing. PEPS is a joint venture between TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, and Prestolite Electric (Beijing) Limited (PEBL).

The automated PEPS production line currently has a monthly capacity of 200 electric motors and power electronics modules. In 2015, the company will increase its capacity to 500 units per month to meet demand. PEPS has also set up state-of-the-art facilities to test, validate and optimize its products.

Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies, PEPS develops, manufactures and markets high-end hybrid and electric motor systems for the sustainable mobility market. Its product line includes motors, generators, inverters and vehicle control units for 6–18 metre buses, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery and river watercraft. PEPS products are renowned for their advanced technology, high efficiency, reliability, safety, comfort and low noise levels.

With a number of high-volume orders to its credit, PEPS has become a leader on the Chinese transportation electrification market, which is the largest in the world. Several Chinese manufacturers are already using PEPS products and buses equipped with these technologies have been exported to countries such as Germany and Taiwan.

PEPS’s growth and development are largely due to the support it has received from Hydro-Québec and Chinese authorities, in particular the Beijing municipal government, the governments of Tongzhou and Songzhuang, the Beijing Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Beijing Science and Technology Commission and the Beijing Municipal Bus Company, as well as Foton AUV Bus and its other customers and suppliers.

About TM4

A wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, TM4 was created in 1998 to market the electric propulsion technology developed by Hydro-Québec’s research institute, IREQ. Today, customers from the transportation and electricity sectors in over 25 countries benefit from its specialized expertise and patented technologies relating to electric motors, inverters as well as generators for wind turbines and generating units. TM4 is based in Boucherville, Québec. For more information, visit

About PEPS

Thanks to a manufacturing and marketing licence for TM4 products as well as PEBL’s vast sales and service network, Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems offers clean transportation and electric mobility solutions throughout Asia. The company develops, manufactures, markets and services electric motor systems for trucks, buses, heavy machinery and watercraft. Its customer base extends across several countries, including the People’s Republic of China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. For more information, visit

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