SUMOTM Electric Powertrains Complete 5 Million Kilometers of Service in China


SUMOTM Electric Powertrains Complete 5 Million Kilometers of Service in China

April 12, 2016

(Boucherville, QC)-  The SUMOTM direct-drive electric powertrains designed by TM4 for the bus and truck market have reached a major milestone of 5 million kilometers of public transport service in China. These systems were manufactured and distributed in China by Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS), a 50/50 joint-venture between TM4 Inc. and Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited. Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies and products, PEPS develops, manufactures and markets electric and hybrid powertrain systems for the Chinese sustainable mobility market.

This achievement adds to the millions of kilometers already driven in other parts of the world by vehicles equipped with TM4-designed and built electric powertrains. The SUMO TM systems have now reached a high level of maturity though many cycles of optimization based on customer feedback and preferences. This milestone reinforces the company’s status as a leading and lasting solution provider for vehicle electrification that adheres to the highest level of automotive quality and durability standards when it comes to the design, production and servicing of their powertrains.

In addition to having recently achieved ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification, this new accomplishment highlights the joint-venture’s commitment to offer the finest products and services. Over the last two years, SUMOTM drivetrains have been selected by many renowned manufacturers for their superior quality, reliability and efficiency compared to competitor systems. Companies such as Foton, Higer, Nanjing King Long and Yaxing have selected PEPS’ electric powertrain systems for their electric bus platforms.

Some of Nanjing King Long electric buses equipped with SUMO electric powertrain systems

«This major milestone confirms that PEPS has now established itself as a leader and trusted supplier in the Chinese sustainable mobility market. TM4 is proud of their involvement with PEPS whose significant achievement has demonstrated extensive manufacturing and supply chain know-how.  PEPS has successfully marketed the products as both leading-edge and cost-effective », says Robert Baril, COO of  TM4 and board member of PEPS.

Since the launch of production, PEPS has more than tripled its monthly production capacity and extended its facilities to test, validate and optimize its products. When inaugurated in 2014, the automated assembly line first had a monthly capacity of 200 electric motors and power electronics modules. This year, the volume outcome will be increased to 700 units per month in order to meet demand.


About TM4 
A wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, TM4 designs and manufactures electric motors, generators, power electronics and control systems suitable for the commercial, automotive, marine, mining, rail, motorsports and recreational vehicle markets. TM4 contributes to the highest possible energy conversion efficiencies thanks to its expertise in permanent magnets motors, thermal management, coil winding, outer-rotor topology, and motor and inverter control algorithms. TM4 is located in Boucherville, Québec. For more information, visit

About PEPS
Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies and PEBL (Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited) extensive network and outstanding reputation in ASEAN markets, Prestolite E-Propulsion System is providing high-end solutions for clean transport and sustainable mobility by developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting electric traction systems for trucks and buses, as well as commercial, off-road and marine vehicles. This joint venture supplies clients in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN countries. For more information, visit