Dana TM4 in Brazil


Dana TM4 in Brazil

December 12, 2013

Offering Sustainable Mass Transit Solutions Globally

Creating electrically-powered mass transportation systems, Dana TM4 focuses on powertrain solutions for efficient electric transit, specifically focused on public buses and commercial vehicles. With a global scope, the company is currently seeking industry relationships with active players in the green trans¬portation sector. “From day one we have partnered with big and small players elsewhere in the world because we want our technology and all the research and development that we have done to be used as widely as possible, and for good cause,” said Dana TM4 Director of Corporate Strategy and Global Alliances, Renaud Cloutier.

TM4’s joint venture with Prestolite Elecctric Beijing Ltd. in China has introduced hundreds of high-tech, energy-efficient electric buses in its first year. In its second year, it will roll out thousands. This scalable plan is essential to China’s potential for developing the most innovative electric/hybrid transit system in the world. With an impeccable track record of success in Québec as well, Dana TM4 works with the government, which sub¬sidizes electric buses, giving the advan¬tages of quiet and clean buses, advancing Canada’s transportation future. As one of the most experienced innova¬tors in the electrification of transporta¬tion, Dana TM4 offers high-quality hardware, software, and the knowledge to safely and sustainably transform Brazilian transportation into an efficient elec¬tric mass transit system. An important advantage of TM4’s technology is it maximizes the autonomy of the vehicle for a given battery, reducing total weight, thus allowing for an increased passenger capacity for the operators.

From the tenth to twelfth of September, Dana TM4 attended the Hybrid-EV Show in São Paulo, Brazil. The company is focused on creating relationships with the Brazilian government and bus manufacturers to build a transport system that prioritizes the safety and well-being of the population, both now and in the future.

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