EV gathering world record in Montreal


EV gathering world record in Montreal

April 23, 2014

Montreal sets new EV gathering world record

Montreal, April 23, 2014- Last weekend took place in Montreal the Get Connected Day, an electric vehicle gathering event intended for the public to try EV cars and get more information. The aim of the day was also to beat the world record of the largest electric vehicle gathering, which was recorded last summer in Zurich (Switzerland) with 305 vehicles. At last, the record was broke with a total of 431 electrically powered vehicles and was submitted for approval to Guinness World Records.

The National Center for Advanced Transportation (CNTA), promoter of the activity, thanked the hundreds of connected conductors who responded to the call. “The electrification of transportation in Quebec is now underway, and this gathering clearly demonstrates that  this is not just a fringe movement, but a change in perception of Quebec’s face transport,”  said Jacques Duval.

It was also the first time that an electric pickup truck (VIA V-TRUX) towed an electric ski boat (LTS Marine). Let’s mention that both are equipped with TM4’s products!

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