Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology Article


Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology Article

Boucherville, May 12, 2014 – A four page article about Dana TM4 and LTS Marine projects in the marine industry is available in April’s 2014 edition of Electric & Hybrid Marine world Technology International magazine from pages 84-87. In this feature, the main focus is centered around how Dana TM4’s products, usually used in ground transportation applications, can benefit the marine industry and provide improvement over actual technologies.

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About TM4

With thirty years in the making, Dana TM4 designs and markets production-ready electric and hybrid powertrain systems suitable for the commercial, automotive and recreational vehicle markets as well as the marine, mining, rail and motorsports sectors. Clean, affordable and highly efficient, the company’s advanced permanent magnet electric motors, coupled with power-dense electronic inverters and control software can be adapted to customers’ needs. Located in Boucherville, Quebec, Dana TM4 has a high volume, flexible and automated production line as well as a large range of dynamometers and test cells in order to conduct full validation and certification of electric and hybrid powertrains.

About LTS Marine

Passionate about water sports and caring about the environment and the legacy left to future generations, the three founders of LTS Marine pooled their expertise in order to revolutionize the water sports industry.Created in the spring of 2009, the company took on the mission of bringing green energy, which has been long used by the automotive industry, to the water sports industry – as such contributing to the moral obligation and supporting the just cause of the environment.The company’s objective is to become the premier supplier of boating manufacturers by offering fully integrated electric drive trains adapted to their needs.