Contribute to a greener tomorrow

Be part of our driving force!

Dana TM4 is committed to a greener tomorrow by designing, developing, building and delivering products and services in harmony with nature. Contributing to a better world for present and future generations is one of Dana TM4’s driving forces. Join us to drive the  adoption of a clean, efficient and high-end technology and make a real contribution to the development of vehicle electrification!

Why join Dana TM4?

  • Our mission is to design and manufacture electric drive systems for all types of vehicles.
  • The quality of our products and our ability to fulfill the most demanding applications is acknowledged worldwide.
  • We are a dynamic and growing company promoting creativity and innovation.
  • Our days are filled with challenges and we know that each one of us can make a difference.

  We Have Offices Around the Globe

Our Vision: Powering Innovation to Move our World

This is our destination as a company. It expresses strength and reliability with a bias toward action. It showcases power conveyance and energy-management expertise — putting Dana at the heart of a world in motion.It expresses our scale and global reach as a driving force in everyday life.A whole greater than the sum of its parts.

This is us.

Working at Dana TM4

At Dana TM4, our values shape both our mission and our vision and are at the heart of our corporate culture. What sets us apart from other companies is a combination of the multidisciplinary and multicultural character of our team,  and our dynamic and collaborative work environment.

As part of this team, you’ll have the opportunity to work on various projects and have the satisfaction of seeing them through from beginning to end.  Dana TM4 is currently working on a variety of projects and looks forward to getting your input and ideas so we can continue to improve the products we offer to our clients.

Professional development opportunities

As part of our culture, Dana TM4 recognizes individual skills and commits to developing them. We seek out opportunities to help our employees remain on the cutting edge of their profession and of our industry. We believe in investing in continuous education by offering our employees timely and pertinent training and professional development activities relevant to their work.

Our projects

We can electrify any type of vehicle.

Our products can be found in passengers cars, buses, trucks, off-highway machines, boats, motorsports and recreational vehicles, just to name a few.

Dana TM4 also contributes to the development of key components used in Formula E racing cars.

Our values

Our mission and vision are based on fundamental values embedded in the heart of our corporate culture:

Value Others

We value people by celebrating diversity, treating others with respect, and putting safety, inclusion, and integrity at the heart of everything we do.

Inspire Innovation

We reimagine what’s possible, working with a bias toward action and creativity, and operating with a relentless focus on innovation, product safety, and customer success.

Grow Responsibly

We look for ways to advance a safer, more sustainable future through a balanced approach that considers the people we encounter, the products we develop, and the planet that enables us to do our work.

Win Together

We pursue quality and excellence in a safe, inclusive environment where unique perspectives are valued by collaborating across a global network of expertise covering all mobility markets.