Light Vehicles

The Challenge

A key challenge when developing electric & hybrid drive solutions is to maximize the power and torque density while minimizing the volume, weight and cost of the unit without compromising performance and the driving experience.


Benefits for vehicle manufacturers

Tailor-made powertrain systems

TM4 MOTIVETMelectric powertrain systems are optimized for light-duty electric and hybrid vehicles such as:

  • Passenger cars
  • Motorsports
  • Quad bikes
  • Light-duty commercial vehicles
  • Auxiliary motors for commercial vehicles

Cost-efficient electric solutions

TM4 MOTIVE systems are a cost-effective solution to vehicle electrification, designed and optimized for components to operate at the highest efficiency while getting the best performance out of the package.

Dana TM4 – Your Electrification Partner

System manufacturer

Selecting a Dana TM4 powertrain ensures optimized performances from the beginning without the compromises, costs and risks involved in a selection of components from different manufacturers.

Customer-centered approach

Dana TM4 is at your side for the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Wide range expertise

Dana TM4 has participated to a wide range of projects including:

  • Concept car: Dana TM4 has collaborated  with Groupe PSA in the past years, demonstrating its expertise and know-how. In 2004, Dana TM4 developed and produced a four-wheel drivetrain system for a technology demonstrator vehicle Peugeot Quark. In 2006, Dana TM4 also developed wheel motors for the concept car Citroen C-Metisse.
  • Motorsports: Dana TM4 contributes to the development of key components used by racing cars since season 2 of Formula E.

Proven solution

The TM4 MOTIVETM is an efficient turnkey solution created expressly for a range of electric and hybrid applications, targeting light-duty vehicle platforms.

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